Natália Poldaufová

Tai Chi Trainer
Our TAI CHI trainings are currently mainly aimed at beginners.

Qigong and T'ai chi ch'üan

I do Qigong and T'ai chi ch'üan for more than 10 years.
They are the indivisible part of my life and my passion. The more I explore a secret power and deeps of this ancient mortal art, the more fascinated I´m becoming. Unique health effects are known around the world and beautiful, soft movements allow to exercise without age limit.
This is why I decided to offer my skills and knowledge mainly to those, for whom these trainings are necessity to maintain their medical condition – seniors and elderly people.
Association Tai Chi of Czech Republic

Certificate of successful completion of requalification program, accredited by MŠMT (Ministry of education, youth and sport) for work activity: Health Physical Education Instructor.
  • Tai-chi for children
    TAI CHI je forma bojového umění s prvky sebeobrany, která pochází z Číny, kde byla vytvořena před několika staletími.
  • Tai-Chi for adults
    It is a hundreds of years old exercise that is supposed to combine body movements with the correct channeling of life energy.
  • Tai-chi for seniors
    Are you in senior or pre-senior age? Do you like movement and follow an active lifestyle?
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