Aikido for children

Our classes are designed for both boys and girls from 5 to 15 years old
In Aikido, we primary use grips, levers and throws to eliminate an attacker using overcoming the physical resistance of the adversary.
Aikido is a japanese martial art of harmoniously body and spirit development
It is based on the idea of non-agression, assertiveness, human's development physically and mentally to become a balanced personality valid for the protection and maintenance of all good virtues of society.
The main goal of our club is the all-sided development of children´s physical activity, learning the basic principles of budo, basic aiki techniques and fighting skills.
Under the guidance of our qualified teachers your children will learn how to control emotions, to feel courage, to show self-control, determination and directness.
  • Miloslav Tůma
    Aikido and Self-defense trainer
  • Lesson
    90 min
  • Schedule
    Monday 17:00 – 18:30
  • Price
    Trial lession is free (Come and try)
    Half school year (5 months) – 4 000 CZK
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