Self-defense for children

Self-defence is designed for both boys and girls from 8 to 15 years.
The lessons are aimed at preventing risky behavior and recognizing dangerous situations.
Children will learn
How to resist a possible attack, whether out on the street or bullying at school.
The aim of self-defence is to repel the attacker as effectively as possible using punches and kicks, giving him no chance to complete his intention. We focuse on motor coordination, reaction time, endurance and of course self-defence techniques. In our lessons we do not forget about weapons.
Self-defence lessons are held under the guidance of an experienced coach who has been involved in children´s groups for many years. Group sports activities not only improve a child´s physical fitness, but also develop children´s communication skills with their peers and help them make new friends.
  • Miloslav Tůma
    Aikido and Self-defense trainer
90 min
Monday  17:00 -18:30
First lesson is free (Come and see and try)
One-time training – 350 CZK
For school year – 4 000 CZK