In Avaloka we offer different activities for adults from the age 18+ till 90+. You can choose yoga or tai chi, if you want to develop body-mind awareness, flexibility and strength.
In case of previous injuries or movements limitation or if you are over 55 or you are have pain or rehabilitation exercises are recommended by your doctor, we have safe options for you - Yoga therapy or Backmitra classes.
All our yoga teachers are certified and have graduated from many specialised courses and seminars in Hatha yoga, Yoga therapy, Restorative yoga.
Among our Tai Chi teachers are the Headmaster of Thai chi Praha school with more than 30 years of experience and the Teacher of Qigong and Tai chi ch'üan trainings for seniors and elderly people.
  • Yoga
    In our lessons we find a balance between Asanas from Hatha Yoga, Jin Yoga and Iyengar Yoga.
  • Yoga therapy
    If you have pain during movement due to a physical limitation, excess weight, age or injury, if rehabilitation exercises are recommended for you, or if you are over 55 years old, we have yoga therapy courses for you.
  • Backmitra
    Backmitra is the ingenious invention of Guy Hamaekers and the famous yoga therapist Brigitte Longueville (Netherlands).
  • Tai-Chi for adults
    It is a hundreds of years old exercise that is supposed to combine body movements with the correct channeling of life energy.
  • Tai-chi for seniors
    Are you in senior or pre-senior age? Do you like movement and follow an active lifestyle?
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