Crystal Therapy

The Esogetic Crystal Therapy is created by the most creative and genius German naturopath Peter Mandel.
Mandel’s goal was to combine knowledge alternative healing systems and ancient wisdom traditions with the latest modern healing technologies and discoveries.
The principle of Esogetic Crystal therapy
Of Peter Mandel is a stimulation the self-healing abilities of the human body. The therapist disposes amorphous crystal glass on certain reflex zones of the human body.
These are not the usual crystals grown naturally in the earth. They are specially crafted crystals, which have been imprinted with holographic harmonizing patterns. These special crystals were designed by Mandel in cooperation with Swarovski, the world’s premier producer of beautiful crystal products. Each crystal has a special color and holographic pattern that carries healing information.
The placement of the crystals on specific zones regulates disrupted harmonic patterns in the human being through the principle of resonance. When properly applied, these amazing tools have the capacity to release suppressed emotional conflicts and to correct the flow of energy and information that can support the healing process.
The Esogetic Crystal Therapy is created by the most creative and genius German naturopath Peter Mandel.
Since the mid-1960’s, Peter Mandel has been working to develop new holistic treatment systems that especially address difficult health issues.

His main intention was to evaluate and understand each patient, his unique individuality, and then develop treatments to address these individual situations.

In searching new healing technologies, Peter Mandel studied naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, iridology, the latest research in modern biology, medicine, and biophysics.

He has also collaborated with many well-known scientists, such as biophysicist, Dr. Fritz Albert Popp.

Thanks to quantum physics, a new medical science and new advanced holistic therapies developed a better understanding of energy and information flow in a human body.

In our center we offer different protocols and treatments for all complaint situations. Conducted once a week this is an excellent prevention measure to a lot of stresses and illnesses.
Our therapist
  • Mgr. Karina Mazur
    Yoga teacher, therapist
    Karina Mazur is our leading, certified therapeutic yoga trainer and non-medical practitioner and naturopath. She speaks Czech, English, Russian and Spanish

    Her non-medical practice as a naturopath includes different non-invasive techniques such as Biomagnetic therapy, Colorpuncture and Crystal therapy. These therapies are the biggest passion of her life as all these methods combine holistic approach, wisdom of the ancient medicine and researches of modern science (quantic physics and bioenergetic). She sees these methods as an important part of the future medicine.
    The procedure is part of the color non-invasive acupuncture procedure.
    Mon - Fri: by appointment
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