In Avaloka we incorporate both traditional and non-traditional treatments to help people. We work with everyone as a team of professionals who help address all the symptoms, whether they’re physical, emotional, or even spiritual.
First we make analysis of your physical health and your bioenergetic field (aura) with the help of modern technologies - Aureola Sensitive Imago and Healy Resonance Analysis. Then our professionals will offer you individual plan of treatment that is designed to support your wellbeing and health.
Rather than focusing on a narrow problem our approach addresses the mind, body, and spirit to support health and healing on a deeper level. Our holistic treatments include such methods as magnetotherapy, colorpuncture, mikrokineziotherapy, kinesiology, crystal therapy, naturopathy, ajurvedic techniques, frequencies, acupuncture, tai chi, yoga.
  • Magnetotherapy 
    To support your health, but also as a supportive therapy for treatments, we provide biomagnetic therapies.
  • Kinesiology
    Kinesiology is very popular here. Its goal is to maintain a balanced state of health using the muscles of the human body.
  • Microkinesitherapy
    Microkinesitherapy is a method developed by Daniel Grosjean and Patrice Benini, two French physiotherapists and osteopaths.
  • Naturopathy
    Expert advice by a certified naturopath in the field of nutrition, individual adjustment of the menu, dietary supplements and other individual needs of the client.
  • Aureola sensitiv imago
    Quick diagnostics of the energy body. Diagnosis with the Aureola device will show your current illnesses, but a photo of the aura can tell us about future illnesses.
  • Colorpuncture 
    Colorpuncture is a new-age harmonizing therapy that integrates traditional Chinese medicine and basics of the bio-photonic research in biophysics (the photobiology or biophysics of light).
  • Crystal Therapy
    The Esogetic Crystal Therapy is created by the most creative and genius German naturopath Peter Mandel.
  • Ayurveda
    Ayurveda is considered the "mother of all healing". In short, it could be said that Ayurveda deals with how to create the greatest possible balance in the body.
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