Christiane E.Hets

Therapist - Microkinesitherapy
Her biggest wish is to support people in their unfolding process so that their potential can be released and grow.

Christiane E.Hets

She speaks excellent English and German. At present moment Christiane has her own practice in Berlin and in Prague in The House of Holistic Heath Avaloka.
Born in Germany in 1964. She knew very early that she wanted to become a naturopath and Somatic Body therapist. In 1982 she began a 3-year training of breathing and movement with the 90-years old teacher Frieda Goralewski in the tradition of Elsa Gindler, a pioneer of Somatic Bodywork.
This was followed by the examination to become a naturopath and the learning of various naturopathic methods and manual therapies.
In 2010 she started to study Microkinesitherapy with Daniel Daniel Grosjean (France) and finally she had discovered a complex manual method with which she could get to the source of the problems and therefore help the patient on longterm basis.
At the same time, she started her training with David and Silvia Boadella as a Biosynthesis Therapist, the somatic and depth psychology based on psychotherapy.

In 2020 Christiane became a junior trainer in Biosynthesis Therapy.

Since 2022 she is a certified and qualified teacher of Microkinesitherapy in Czech Republic.

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  • Microkinesitherapy
    Microkinesitherapy is a method developed by Daniel Grosjean and Patrice Benini, two French physiotherapists and osteopaths.
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