Microkinesi means "the small movements" - the "Kinesi therapy" in French is the Movement therapy.
Microkinesi therapy is a manual form of sophisticated therapy that was created by two French physiotherapists and osteopaths Daniel Grosjean and Patrice Benini at the beginning of the 1980s.
Is a new holistic method that developed from medicine, biology, physics and embryology. In addition, there is knowledge of osteopathy and traditional Chinese medicine.
Holistic treatment means that not only individual parts of the body or individual complaints are targeted, but that the person is always seen in his or her entirety: soul, mind and body.
Microkinesi is a two-pillar therapy: on the one hand, it tracks down the causes of symptoms and stimulate regeneration, on the other hand, it is also a basic treatment in which the old traumas or blockages stored in the organism are dissolved with the help of restarted repair mechanisms.
Our organism has a memory that goes back to the time before birth. Psychological traumas affect our physical well-being and can have consequences such as allergies, migraines, cardiac arrhythmias, or digestive disorders. In Microkinesi, physical treatment and psyche are in a kind of interrelation - this is a very important point of the therapy.
What does a "microkinesi-treatment" look like in practice?
  • After the patient has described his complaints
    He lies or sits down on a couch in his clothes. Then the therapist feels the vibrations of the tissue on the surface of the body with different grips and identifies regions where vitality is lacking.
  • The expert hands
    Detect tensions, stuck zones and blockages in the tissue without any pain for the patient. Such blockages can provoke a wide variety of symptoms, such as back pain, sleep disorders, allergies, burn-out, depression, neck tension, shoulder pain or digestive problems, etc. The patient does not necessarily have to feel this blockage or tissue tension.
  • However, the microkinesi expert
    Perceives it as "numbness" and traces it by feeling such blockages wherever they are hidden in the body - also in organs or nerve tracts.
    With the help of the palpation technique, he finds imbalances in the tissue.
  • Through a gentle impulse
    To the patient's body, he helps the muscle to vibrate again and activates its regeneration mechanism and self-healing powers. In this way, the vital rhythm gets going again to the tissue.
  • Ultimately
    This not only leads to the alleviation of complaints, but also to "for the targeted deletion of incriminating information" and thus for complete recovery.
Microkinesi therapy is a useful complement

To necessary medical or psychological treatments. Microkinesi pursues a high standard. Its self-proclaimed goal is not merely symptom relief, but a kind of "reset" of the body in which stressful, disease-causing information is deleted.
Our therapist
  • Christiane E.Hets
    Teacher of Microkinesitherapy
    Born in Germany in 1964. She knew very early that she wanted to become a naturopath and Somatic Body therapist. In 1982 she began a 3-year training of breathing and movement with the 90-years old teacher Frieda Goralewski in the tradition of Elsa Gindler, a pioneer of Somatic Bodywork.

    This was followed by the examination to become a naturopath and the learning of various naturopathic methods and manual therapies.
Treatment is done in sufficient intervals.
There should be several days or weeks in between because the organism first has to stimulate its self-healing powers. The therapists do not guarantee success. The symptoms often disappear, but not always
    The length of 1 procedure varies between 60-75 minutes
    Mon - Sun: by appointment
    1 procedure CZK 2,100
    Each subsequent procedure CZK 1,600