We offer expert consultacy by a certified naturopath in the field of nutrition, individual adjustments to the diet, dietary supplements (nutritional and herbal), herbal therapy and lifestyle adjustments (quality of sleep, motion, mindfulness) and other individual needs of the client.
Clinical naturopathy
It combines the knowledge and traditions of natural medicine with the latest clinical research findings in herbal and nutritional medicine.
Naturopathy emphasizes prevention and therefore uses therapeutic methods that support the body´s self-healing process. It´s not focused on the disease and diagnosis (the most common misinterpretation of this field), but on the person himself.
Naturopaths use the knowledge of modern science to understand the functioning of the organism and maintain a high standard of naturopathic practice.
Our therapist
  • Lucie Hernández
    Health Coach, clinical naturopath, Member of the Czech Naturopathic Society
  • Full-time
    Inicial session (90 min) – 1 500 CZK
    Supervising session (45 min) – 1 300 CZK
  • Online
    Inicial session (90 min) – 1 200 CZK
    Supervising session (45 min) – 1 300 CZK
  • Email or telephone
    Session by e-mail or phone call (20 min) – 300 CZK
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