Kinesiology is one of the best-known methods of alternative medicine.
The goal of kinesiology is to maintain a balanced state of health using the muscles of the human body. Each group of muscles in the human body has a relationship with other parts of the body – with individual organs, the digestive system, glands, bones and blood circulation. If the muscles are in good condition, the body is also healthy.
The kinesiologist first determines
The overall condition of the body according to how the muscles react to the gentle pressure of the hands during the examination.
Every stress or illness will affect our muscles. Some muscles react to negative information and stress by weakening, some by tightening. Negative emotions block the energy flow first in the brain area and then in the corresponding part of the body that this area controls. Blockage or disruption of energy flows occurs during illness or stress, but also due to traumas such as those received in childhood, stored in the subconscious.
This creates psychological or physical problems that can become chronic. Stressful situations can block and disconnect up to 75% of the brain. The kinesiologist looks for these energy blockages by testing the muscles' reaction. The therapist restores the interrupted energy flow using various techniques (movement, touch or massage). This change will manifest itself in an improvement in muscle response.
Kinesiology uses

The body's own healing powers. After unblocking the muscles, the human body automatically begins to return to a state of balance.
  • Konstantin SСHMIDT
Kinesiology originated in the 1960s in America.
The founder of the method is the American chiropractitioner George Goodheart. He discovered that by pressing various points on the human body, it is possible to strengthen the corresponding muscles. He mapped the relationships between 16 different pressure points on the skull, above the sternum and behind the knee and all the major muscle groups. There are energy channels in the human body, thanks to which there is a relationship between pressure points, muscles and individual organs. Other kinesiology methods gradually developed from George Goodheart's method.
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