Lucie Hernández

Therapist, Health Coach, Clinical Naturopath, Member of the Czech Naturopathic Society
We offer expert advice on nutrition, individual dietary adjustments, dietary supplements (nutritional and herbal), herbal therapy and lifestyle adjustments (sleep quality, movement, mindfulness) and other individual client needs.

My journey

Began around 2018, when, throw my own serious health problems for several years, I was given a natural threatment, becouse Western medicine could not offer me any solution to my health situation.
I read a huge number of books and watched countless videos to get to my desired goal through trial and error and get rid of my problems completely. I was so impressed with the results that I became more interested in natural healing, often referred to as alternative medicine.
Gradually I came to the decision that I wanted to use my knowledge to help other people. Perhaps it was because I was constantly hearing from those around me about the problems that people were going through, and I was very sorry that their doctors were not telling them about the possibilities that nature and the new knowledge in this area offered that would relieve their problems and help them on their journey to health.
I didn't want to become a traditional nutritionist who creates diets for people to lose weight, but a person who offers people a holistic view of their health situation, because I believe that the human body is a very complex, interconnected system and it needs to be approached that way.
In 2019
I decided to study Clinical Naturopathy at the School of Clinical Naturopathy in Prague, which offers the first and only comprehensive study of clinical naturopathy in the Czech Republic.
Clinical Naturopathy includes comprehensive education in the areas of clinical naturopathy, clinical nutritional medicine and Western phototherapy. The School of Clinical Naturopathy in Prague also meets the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Naturopathic Federation (WNF) curriculum and guidelines for the practice of the naturopathic profession. The field of Clinical Naturopathy combines the knowledge and traditions of natural healing with the latest findings of clinical research in herbal and nutritional medicine.
In Czech Republic

The concepts of naturopath and naturopathy are new and are only just coming into the public consciousness. The naturopathic profession is a medical profession that is more than 2500 years old, and its roots go back to Hippocrates, who practiced it himself. It focuses not only on diet, but also on lifestyle and individual adjustment. A naturopath in her practice works with diet and dietary modification, herbs, supplements (nutritional and herbal) but also lifestyle (sleep quality, rest, movement, mindfulness, meditation) and other individual client needs.
Study and acquired qualifications in the field:
Study of clinical naturopathy​
September 2020 – till now
Healing spices in your kitchen​
January 2021
Functional foods: an essential part of modern nutrition​
January 2021
Philosophy, principles and theory of naturopathy
April 2021
Visual diagnostics​
May 2021
Naturopathic care in preconception and pregnancy
May 2021
The first 1 000 days decide: nutrition of children under 2 years
May 2021
Health Coaching​
August 2021
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  • Naturopathy
    Expert advice from a certified naturopath in the area of nutrition, individual dietary adjustments, dietary supplements and other individual needs of the client.
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