Trainer of TAI CHI
Our TAI CHI trainings are currently mainly aimed at beginners.

Jozef Čulák

Head of the TAI CHI school Prague
Headmaster of Thai chi Praha school, Josef Čulák, had studied in military high school in Žilin, and finished his education with postgraduate studies at Military academy in Brno. Now he is in reserve and devote himself to Tai chi studies.
He started to do martial arts in 1988 and Tai Chi of Tang family in 2001 from Ondřej Musil. In 2006, with approval of Jim Juglov´s Si-Fu (London), Stowe Rose (London) and Ondřej Musil, he started to study Tai Chi with Zdeněk Kurfürst.
He has a trainer license B in Wushu category in Charles University. This license is not related to Tai Chi of Tang family, but it´s necessary for Czech legislative.
We strictly follow a teaching system, which is given to us, without any change. It´s based on direct transmission of knowledge from teacher to student. You can´t find information about Yang Family Tai Chi in books or on the internet. Goal is accurate and complete teaching, not money.
— Jozef Čulák
TAI CHI je forma bojového umění s prvky sebeobrany, která pochází z Číny, kde byla vytvořena před několika staletími.
It is a hundreds of years old exercise that is supposed to combine body movements with the correct channeling of life energy.
Are you in senior or pre-senior age? Do you like movement and follow an active lifestyle?