Mgr. Alena Atamanová

Yoga and yoga trainer
Alena is certified in the Czech Republic instructor of classical and therapeutic yoga.


When I was 21. I was working in an IT company and I was on the computer all day. My neck hurt, followed by a headache and I stopped sleeping normally.
After giving birth to my daughter, I encountered another problem - lower back pain and pinched sciatic nerve. Yoga divided my life into before and after. I learned about yoga therapy and got my first therapy course from a very experienced teacher. The result of the course surprised me - I was able to return to an active life.
For a very long time I resisted my inner desire to become a yoga instructor. But many of my friends faced the same problems and turned to me for advice and help. Then I decided to study yoga therapy and help other people." Today Alena is a certified classical and therapeutic yoga instructor in the Czech Republic.
In 2019

She completed a course in yoga therapy where she learned the skills of working with the body in a therapeutic way. The course focused on understanding the characteristics and needs of each individual practitioner.
In 2020

She became certified as a hatha yoga trainer, deepened her understanding of yoga philosophy and advanced her personal practice.
In 2021

She attended the training course "Yoga therapist with a focus on the spine". The aim of the training was to understand and practice the techniques of working with people with specific spinal problems.
In 2022

"I am a yoga therapist" training
Discover, what Alena have to offer
In our classes we find a balance between Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Iyengar Yoga asanas.
If you have difficulty moving due to physical limitations, overweight, age or injury, if rehabilitation exercises are recommended or if you are over 55, we have the yoga classes for you.
Backmitra is the ingenious invention of Guy Hamaekers and the famous yoga therapist Brigitte Longueville (Netherlands).