Serhii Neskoromnyi

Aikido trainer
Sergey Neskoromny, children's trainer with 15 years of experience in martial arts, has second dan in Japanese martial art Aikido, instructor of Kiev Federation "Combat Aikido of Ukraine" and Kiev Aikido School "Jiseikan".
Gold medalist of the regional and city competitions in Chuken-do (sword fencing) and Randori (standing wrestling) in 2018, 2020 and 2021. Since 2011 he has been constantly participating in international training seminars for high-level masters.
He has developed his own set of exercises for children and teenagers in the fencing section with chukens (soft sword), allowing them to develop coordination, a sense of distance and striking power.
Organizer of six martial arts clubs in Kiev, Dnipro and Lugansk.
My goal is to teach children to be confident in themselves. Develop not only a strength of body, but also the strength of the spirit and ability to protect themselves and the weaker. To teach them a discipline, ability to train and work in team. Aikido is not just a martial art, but a philosophy and lifestyle.
— Serhii Neskoromnyi