Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is an alternative treatment with amazing results that helps to restore and to maintain physical and mental health and balance.
Although magnets have been used by medicine for a long time
This particular method discovered in 1988 by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran uses pairs of magnets with powerful and stable magnetic field. That is why this therapy is known as "the biomagnetic pair therapy by Dr. Isaac Goiz."
It restores our health by balancing the acidic and alkaline levels of the body by applying strong magnets of opposite polarity to the specific parts of the body.

Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran discovered that viruses and fungus have a symbiotic relationship with each other as well as bacteria do with parasites. A biomagnetic pair is created when two specific areas in the body are energetically connected and resonating with each other. One is positive-acidic and the other is negative-alkaline.
Bacteria and parasites live and grow in an alkaline environment while viruses and fungus live and grow in an acidic environment. These pathogens resonate with each other and cause the collapse of the immune system and illness. Up to present and with 40 years of practicing this method Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran and his followers have identified over 350 pairs that cover most of the glandular dysfunctions, toxication diseases, syndromes, and illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, HIV, Covid etc...
  • During the session
    The specialist of Biomagnetic therapy tests different parts of body with a negative magnet looking for pH unbalances that could cause dysfunctions and illness. If the body gives a positive reaction, it means there is a pathological problem. Positive reaction happens when the right leg shrinks, which can easily be detected by comparing the edge of the two heels. Point-by-point way, the whole body is scanned by therapist to detect specific viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.
  • After scanning
    The whole the body therapist starts treatment. The admirable simplicity of the treatment consists of applying pairs of magnets on the patient to neutralize disease-causing pathogens in the body. Placing a magnet of positive polarity in the positive area and negative on the negative area we neutralize the pH of the area by pushing the charges towards each other thus neutralizing it. Pathogens either immediately die since they cannot survive in a neutral pH environment, or they return to their normal pH balance. Cells become healthy and the body starts healing itself, surprisingly fast.
  • Once the biological balance
    Of the organism is restored, biochemical reactions, pH levels and normal functions of our biological system begin to normalize on their own, which has a beneficial effect on health and physical-emotional well-being.
In other words, we can say that Biomagnetic therapy helps the body to heal itself.
This non-invasive and safe therapy supports:
  • Homeostasis in the body
  • Balanced pH level in the body
  • Adequate activation of the immune response
  • Restoration of normal function of the body's glands and organs
  • Detoxification of the organism
  • Healing of damaged tissues (fractures, sprains,dislocations, scarring, etc.)
  • Reduction of the adaptive response to cellular stress (free radicals, hypoxia, ischemia, etc.)
  • Elimination of side effects of conventional treatments (drug intoxication, overdose, anaphylaxis and antimicrobial resistance)
  • Decrease of surgical risks (systemic inflammation, infection, bleeding, intravascular coagulation, etc.) or risk of hospital stay (nosocomial infection)
  • Shortening of hospitalization, convalescence and rehabilitation period
Cases when Biomagnetic therapy can help:

  • Chronic degenerative diseases (diabetes mellitus, systemic arterial hypertension, renal insufficiency, glaucoma, etc.).
  • Infectious contagious diseases (respiratory infection, gastrointestinal infection, urinary infection, vaginal infection, etc.).
  • Autoimmune diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.).
  • Metabolic diseases (metabolic syndrome, obesity, dyslipidemia, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, hyperuricemia, etc.).
  • Dysfunctional diseases (irritable bowel syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, erectile dysfunction, etc.).
  • Psychoemotional illness (bipolarity, schizophrenia, paranoia, depression, anxiety, etc.).
  • Tumor diseases (cancer, leukemia, pituitary adenoma, benign prostatic hyperplasia, uterine myomatosis, etc.).
  • Toxication (pharmacological, by heavy metals, by poisonous animal bites, etc.).
  • Consequences of the disease (immobility, pain, swelling, neuropathy, swelling, etc.).
  • Sports injuries, damage to muscles and ligaments, broken bones, etc.
Magnets can be applied before (to prevent symptoms of illness), during (to support other types of treatment) and after illness (to speed up recovery).
Avaloka team
  • Mgr. Karina Mazur
    Yoga teacher, therapist
    Karina Mazur is our leading, certified therapeutic yoga trainer and non-medical practitioner and naturopath. She speaks Czech, English, Russian and Spanish

    Her non-medical practice as a naturopath includes different non-invasive techniques such as Biomagnetic therapy, Colorpuncture and Crystal therapy. These therapies are the biggest passion of her life as all these methods combine holistic approach, wisdom of the ancient medicine and researches of modern science (quantic physics and bioenergetic). She sees these methods as an important part of the future medicine.
Base price
Initial consultation + first magnetotherapy procedure CZK 2300
Separate diagnostics
by Aureola/Healy CZK 1500
1 procedure
Magnetotherapy CZK 1800
for children up to 12 years CZK 1200
for children 12-18 years CZK 1500
3 magnetotherapy procedures CZK 5100
5 magnetotherapy procedures CZK 8000