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Would you like to dance or simply to move with joy?

Then I invite you to an evening with Biodanza. It is a dance that is not about steps nor choreography. But at the same time, you don't have to worry about not knowing what to do. Simple instructions will guide you to your own movement, to rediscover the joy of movement and music.

Each exercise is also an invitation, so you can choose to step away for a while and join in when you feel up to it again.

Awaken your vitality and your body.

Do you feel like your body is just repeating what it's already learned and maybe a little trapped in patterns?

Whether it's a formal walk in the office or repeating the same or similar exercise that no longer brings you joy.

Or would you love to bring something new and fresh into your life?

In that case, we invite you to Biodanza. During the exercises and dances you can express yourself, try something new and maybe even surprise yourself. Then, in a quieter/jin phase, remind yourself that after activation it is good to enjoy a rest. So that you can go into new challenges with full energy again.