Miloslav Tuma

Aikido and Self Defense Trainer

martial arts and sports

He started to practice in 1990, in the sports club SK Smichov Karate, which he represented at international competitions and national championships.
During the following years he started to practice other martial arts, traditional Aikido and also Aikijujutsu under the guidance of KODO Madl with whom his father had trained.
He became a regular student of Mr. KODO and began to assist him in training the children's group. His daughter has also been practicing Aikido with him for several years. Aikido is a sport suitable not only for boys but also for girls.
In 2022, he successfully completed an accredited course with the Ministery of Sport Arts of Czech Republic and IES London " Martial Arts Coach" and "Self Defence Instructor", so that he can conduct training sessions independently.
— Miloslav Tuma
  • Aikido for children
    The main goal is the all-round development of children's physical activity, learning the basic principles of Budo, basic Aiki techniques and fighting skills.
  • Self-defense for children
    Self-defense is intended for both boys and girls from 8 to 15 years. We focus on movement coordination, reaction time, endurance and, of course, self-defense techniques.
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